Ulster 60×30 juvenile finals


The finals of the Ulster 60×30 juvenile championships take place next Saturday (September 16) at St Macartan’s, Monaghan.

Fixtures are as follows, official in charge is Paul Fitzpatrick. All games are finals unless stated.

U12S (semi-finals)
11am, Crt 1: Eoin McElhom (Tyrone) v Niall Magee (Cavan)
11am, Crt 2: Fiachra Ó Dhúill (Armagh) v Sean Callan (Monaghan)

11.30am, Crt 1: Thomas Duff/Padraig Fox (Tyrone) v Adam McKenna/Partner (Cavan)

11.30am, Crt 2: Conor Fox (Tyrone) v Cavan

12 noon, Crt 1: Aidan Cunningham/Aidan McGeough (Monaghan) v Cavan

12 noon, Crt 2: Caliosa Ní Dhúill (Armagh) v Louise McGinnity (Monaghan)

12.30pm, Crt 1: Gary McAleer/Zak Devine v James McBreen/Partner (Cavan)

12.30pm, Crt 2: Brian McAleer/Jack Darcy (Tyrone) v Niall McMahon/Jack O’Reilly (Cavan)

U12S (final)
1pm, Crt 1: McElholm or Magee v Ó Dhúill or Callan


Byes: Cloda McNamee (Girls U14S), Mairead Fox (Girls U16S), Caitlin Conway/Elizabeth McGarvey (Girls U16D), Daryl McGurren (Boys U15S), Conor Owens (Boys U17S)



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